RUNNING video production for Festival FLUX, video installation VideoCapsa - Arts Santa Monica [ Barcelona ] Running time: 2.16” production: Tea Guarascio co-production: Tea Guarascio – Habitual Video Team – Ob-art SL. sound: Anders Hattne - MolomV3 Barcelona - 2013 This is the moment when human loneliness crosses millennia wrapped up in sand and stone. on the sound of circular time, cyclical fractures open up into landscapes of complementing horizons.

Traces es un estudio híbrido en trasformación constante. Es un proyecto de investigación, una reflexión abierta sobre la intuición , la premonición y la alteración de la percepción. Una amalgama de géneros entre performing art, fotografía y videoarte El Proyecto nace de la colaboración entre Neus Suñè y Tea Guarascio. "¿Dónde están los pasos? Si un ojo no ve, ¿qué puede ver el otro? Encontrar sin ver Las huellas son el rastro ¿deberíamos seguir el rastro? Sentir las huellas sin verlas La intuición serán los ojos Las huellas también son ella " El personaje no puede abrir los ojos, no ve, aún así busca encontrar la intención indispensable para caminar. Un peregrinaje sin destino calculado…. los obstáculos tendrán que reconocerse, palparse, no hace falta verlos, la necesidad será sentirlos. La intención será la apuesta, el error es posible. Todo lo real se vuelve misterioso. concept_ Neus Suñè & Tea Guarascio realizaciòn Tea Guarascio performer Neus Suñé producción Ob-art

A socio-cultural welfare icon , “ the supermarket trolley” in whitch is placed the sadisfaction of our needs. Through its reuse and reinterpretation it is transmuted into artefact that leads us to the frontiers of satisfaction, to b.d.s.m. and fetish, normally practicad in privacy, transferring these to a larger social space.
 Estylists: Maria Perkances, Angela Rockamora
 Maniquis: Klau Kinki, Julito, Munttsa, Peter Pfeiffer, David Mirás photography & video by TEA GUARASCIO DRAP ART '10 - CCCB - Barcelona



Audiovisual creation in real time , concept & visual design by Tea Guarascio.

Immersion in a new visual space sound, music and visual fusing digital landscapes full of poetry minimal graphic … enter the viewer in a sensitive environment, in an atmosphere of industrial sound, techno, minimal, idm, deep & dark ambient …

AUDIOVISUAL collection

sound producer FERNANDO POO (Berlin)

It´s not easy to say exactly who Fernando is…
In fact, were not even sure thats his real name!!!
Everything we know about him is confusing, because none of us know who he is or where he is for that matter.
We run into him in teknivals or an e-mail comes in that´s about him!
He doesn´t talk a lot about himself, and when he does, you never know if he´s taking the p**s or not. One thing we know for sure is that he´s a man from the East. From some ex- Soviet town, maybe in Cecenia or further South. He says the name of the place is Opachichi. BUt he has grown up in Spain, somewhere in the south…
What else do we know?
He´s about 30, got (he says) a degree in physics (or maybe maths).
He´s an electro-head, a programmer, and he collects analog synths.
He lives in an old Russian army truck thats pretty damned cool inside, or better say he was living because he burned up few months ago before he decide to disappear…but this is an other story!!!
It seems that hes got some house in the South of Spain. Some old storeroom or something by the sea, overlooking Morocco.
For few years he lived by selling or swapping old Russian army stuff for western European electronic gear which he then touts back in Russia, and making some “unspecified business” in Morocco.
In any case, few summer ago at Cektek, one of our guys meet him and told him about our label project (JopRec). A few months later all this gear started arriving, tracks and sketches for the CD cover and stuff.
We thought the music was cool so we decided to produce it.
If you wanna catch a live performance you have to hit lucky at the right party. Well do our best to try and let you know what the dudes up to………

sound producer Luna Martinez (Spain)

In 1999 he had his first contact with a Technics. Since 2002 London where Luna was converted in Luna Martinez getting his first residency as a DJ at the club Destino (Piccadilly Circus). Then _Amnesia, Privilege, KM5, Bue Marlin, Action Painting, The Room (Ibiza) Sala del Cel, Zoom (Girona), Newtown, Mochima, She’s, Catwalk, Kgb, The Rouge, Club Circuit Barcelona, outmoded, Miss Moustache (Madrid ), Krooner (Santiago de Compostela), Mint 2ndfloor (Murcia), Down Culture Club (Brno Czech Republic) Kater holzig (Berlin)
From 2007/2008 was part of the group Lesfatales (Madrid) and now the collective Rellik (Murcia).
He started from techno but at the moment, although she can sometimes combine different genres, she has found stability in Minimal which has made possible to define herself with a personal style, producing sets distinguished by a delicate, austere and elegant sound.
One year ago began collaborating with the visual artist Tea Guarascio in experimental audiovisual project.

sound producer Hack Ira (BELGIUM)


sound producer Jesús Vögel (Berlin)

Jesús Vögel is one of the most active and talented multimedia artists of underground independent scene of last years, respected producer, remixer, live performer, anti-mainstream DJ and filmmaker/video-artist mainly, also developer of multidisciplinary designs (as photography, art graphic, drawing, sculpture or writing) and ecleptic audiovisual cultural promoter, with a really unusual, beautiful & disturbing work and a post-punk revolutionary philosophy. Born in al-Andalus in winter of 1984, left-hander & troublemaker, been since the late 90′s creating and promoting audiovisual contents and performing in some of the most important festivals, venues, parties and international events. Interested in multimedia manipulation, art design, psicoanalisis, sound-video engineering, synesthesia, performance, Magick, D.I.Y. , new methods of communication verbal/non verbal and sensory cognitive process, the development of artistic projects and the pedagogical and cultural entertainment for a fetishist public needer of primitive radical emotions. Every man and every woman is a star. We must live daily with the conception of false identity, as an artist, as a ghost. The other’s look attract us and perturbs us.
Chef of masterclass cult rituals in the label Cremaster Records, from the year 2000 has organized and collaborated in the management and diffusion of many cultural events, festivals, concerts, performances, partys, exhibitions of multidisciplinary ́s art etc. sharing the stage with artists, bands and projects from different countries with very different styles, learning together in synchronicity and mutual iteration. Also performed and make showcase in museums, universities, TV, Film Academy, cultural centers, Science Parks, Convention & Exhibition Centers, art festivals… Having playing in the most importants spanish venues & festivals in cities like Cadiz, Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca, among many others, and exhibited internationally his works a lot of clubs of Spain, Berlin (Germany), Paris (Francia), Buenos Aires (Agentina), La Paz (Bolivia) y New York (EE.UU.).
Some of his remixes including collaborations with featuring artists like The XX (Young Turks Records), Mo-Do, Grauzone, The Bloody Beetroots (Dim Mak), Huoratron (Last Gang Records), Pablo Decoder (Minimal Kidz), TAI (Dim Mark Records), or Cyberpunkers (Freakz me Out). In November 2011 re-edited the classic “Confusion” of the british band New Order. In early 2012 published the remix “Paradise Circus” for the band Massive Attack, receiving positive reviews and thousands of listeners in a few days. Also noteworthy are his official music videos for bands like Tension Co, OdeOnDreams, Midee, Mynationshit, or the audiovisual piece “Age of the Fifth Sun” with the Irish post-rock band God Is an Astronaut. Part of his works have been published in international records labels as TecnoNucleo label, Human Manipulation Label, 2beginners label, Serxii Records Netlabel, Pendrive Records, Liebe Records, The Bloody Dirty Sanchez, Labolatory Net-Label, Ger-men platform, GH Records…
Also working like journalist for some independents magazines, collaborator in a lot of multidisciplinary projects with very differents artists and styles. In the last years has work as composer, editor, producer, assistant collaborator & remixer for another artists, bands and projects.
In early 2012 Jesús Vögel was at 3o position of the Electronic Charts of Reverbnation with singles like “Eisbär” “Paradise Circus” or his recent release “You Killing Me”. A month later is selected artist to play at Red Bull Tour Bus Spain 2012. In the month of May, after a very hard and “intense” relationship of love and hate with Spain, decided move his studio & projects to Berlin (Germany).
Surely, Jesús Vögel remains one of the most creatives and innovating artists of the Spanish electronic scene, and currently working and living in the inspirational city of Berlin, without doubt, with most international projection.


sound producer BLISTER 13.0 (Barcelona)

BLISTER 13.0 is the new project of Julio Tomé Garfield, Producer, DJ, Remixer and Member of the electronic duo Lethargy.
After temporarily shelving his previous project, he moved to Barcelona to begin a new musical journey.
Mix of styles and alloy of sounds is the basis for the new project along with his obsession with personal and evocative melodies with which he tries to transmit new feelings, new messages that communicate his personal vision of what happens around him.
With three LPs and many EPs of remixes, countless remixes for artists of different styles, participations in compilations of different countries, Original soundtracks for short movies and full-length movies, and after having gone on stage in many clubs of Spain and other European countries, Blister 13.0 is just the start of a new regenerating cycle in his personal and professional life…….


sound producer ANNA BOLENA – IDROSCALO DIGITALE (Berlin)


Italian musician, producer, writer and videomaker has taken part in several music and video international festivals.
Interested about innovations and challenges, she runs the music and video production IDROSCALO DIGITALE.
She has a degree in psychology and a Master in NLP and Communication and lives in Berlin since 2004.


sound producer Brothomstates – Claro – Te noch RP

Brothomstates is one of the stage names of Lassi Nikko, a Finnish composer and musician. He also used to produce music in the demoscene under the moniker of Dune in the demogroup Orange. His works are mostly downtempo or ambient, but he is also well known for his complex and abstract melodies and unique sounding drum programming.


sound producer DINO SABATINI (Berlin)


Dj, producer and sound designer, he gives the project “Modernheads” birth together with his partner Gianluca Meloni.
Dino Sabatini appears djing @ Prologue labelnight at Berghain club, in Berlin as well as in many other highlighted clubs such as Panorama Bar – Tresor – Suicide Circus – Mikz.
Record Labels: Dozzy Records – Fullpanda – Outis Music – Prologue



BACK TO BASICS # 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

ZUKUNFT // Ostkreuz (Friedrichshain
) – Berlin

Tea Guarascio & Jesús Vögel

FESTIVAL FLUX CLUB 2012 (Antic Teatre) – Barcelona
BACK TO BASICS # 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6

PROMOTER: Cremaster Records //

productions ©




ISKAT is a audiovisual search on a historical fact, the Revolution of Egypt of 25 January 2011.


الإسكندرية بين الضوء والظلام


أخرج من المنزل


لا أستطيع العودة إلى المنزل

قنابل مثيرة للدموع وصرخات وطلقات

لا بد من العثور على ملجأ


حظر تجول دون سلام

طلقات أخرى
أصوات رهيبة


يوم آخر
الخروج، المشي، التنفس
البحد عان الطعام

الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام
الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام

أنا أريد إسقاط النظام

خالة من التوتر

حالة من الاستهواء

يمكنهما أن يدفعان البعض إلى موت
يأتي لنا آهالينا بلقمة خبز

ليس هناك طرق اتصال

نطبخ ونأكل ونثرث
علينا أن نتتصرف كأن كل شيء بخير

أثناء تكرار الطلقات في الشارع

لا يمكننا النوم

صرخات في الشارع

لا نعرف من يعمل ماذا

الشرطة فتحت السجن

وأعطت أسلحة للمساجين

يسحلون رجلاً غصبًا عنه

لا أريد أن أشاهد ذلك

يقال أنه عملية إعدام دون محكمة

إن ذلك الرجل شرطي سابق

“لا تطلي من الشباك”

يجذبني الزحام إلى مسجد القائد ابراهيم

“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام”

انا أريد إسقاط النظام

الشمس، البحر المتوسط
جنازة شهداء الثورةط

“هناك شهيد ذو 19 سنة من العمر”

“ألا تخافين من وجودك هنا”

أنا لا أخاف

أنا تحت حماية الضوء
ضوء البحر المتسط ونور عيون الناس

رائحة المعركة في الهواء

تخرج الأجسام الملتفة بالكتان
حرارة الجسد ترتفع

لكنها حرارة طيبة وعادلة

نفس الحرية

أشعر نفسي تحت الكتان
كلنا ذلك الشاب الشهيد

المعركة عالمية

يقرب عددنا عشرة آلاف شخص

الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام

وإرادتي مع الشعب

حظر تجول آخر

أخبار متضاربة

سيقطعون المياه

لا، الكهرباء
ربما كليهنا

يطلقون النار

ننظر بعضنا إلى البعض
نبدو كأننا هرمنا فجأة

وفجأة ولدنا مرة أخرى في رياح الثورة


إن ذلك الرجل شرطي سابق
you should not look out the window!!!

The big wave of Revolutions that have invested North Africa and the
Middle East is changing radically the political and social order of
that area, and consequently of the entire world, and at the same time
our western vision of the life and the “Arab” culture, apparently
distant, but in reality absolutely more close than what we expected.

ISKAT (literally ” falling”, meaning the fallen of the system, but not
only that) is a multimedia investigation that is born from ”
Alexandria Buio Luce” (Alexandria Darkness Light) , an idea by
Eleonora Trani, author of the text and performer, that has lived in
first person the difficult but stimulating situation of the Egyptian

The production video & photographic, is cured by Tea Guarascio.
Through her ability on mixing footage and unpublished material,
Tea evokes the different states of mind, like fear, delirium and all the contrasting
feelings experienced by the author in Alexandria. In that way she
manages to communicate the darkness and the light as originally
intended along the text.

The audio is produced by Claudio Curciotti,musician and sound researcher.
In this work he joins field recordings and electronic sounds,
succeeding to create a sonorous landscape in which the spectator
gets completely plunged into moments of darkness and light.


all images are copyright protected and may not be used without written consent _____copyright2011 © tea guarascio



el video:

Título: ISKAT
Responsable del proyecto: Tea Guarascio
Duración: 3:01
País: España

HA SIDO SELECCIONADO para formar parte del festival #Nuevas Realidades Video Políticas/Construyendo nuestra mirada del presente.

El festival se proyectará durante el 2012 en las siguientes ciudades:

- Barcelona, 19 y 20 de Marzo, 21:00hs – Antic Teatre.
- Valencia, 23, 24 de Marzo 19:00hs – Perifèries (La Nau).
- Bilbao, 3 y 4 de Abril, 19:00hs – Fundación Bilbao Arte.
- Quito, 11 y 12 de Abril, 18:00hs – CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito)
- San Juan 13 y 14 de Abril, 20hs – La Mandorla. Espacio de prueba y acción.
- Manizales, 18 y 19 de abril, 14hs – Festival Internacional de la Imágen.
- Córdoba (Argentina), 18 y 19 de Abril, 19:30hs Centro Cultural España Córdoba.
- Sevilla, 20 y 21 de Abril, 20:30hs – Cooperativa Tramallol.
- Buenos Aires, 25 y 26 de Abril, 19:00hs – Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
- Medellín, 27 de Abril, 19:00hs – Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín
- Vitoria-Gasteiz, 4 y 5 de Mayo, 19:00hs – Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Vitoria-Gasteiz.
- Bogotá, 11 y 12 de Mayo – La REDada. Miscelánea Cultural.
- Madrid, 16 y de Mayo, 18.30hs y 19 de Mayo, 20hs – Medialab Prado y Periodico Diagonal
- San José de Costa Rica, 22 y 29 de Mayo, 19:00hs – Universidad de Costa Rica
- Santiago de Chile (Fechas por confirmar) – KINOKI – Museo de Artes Visuales.
- Río de Janeiro (Fechas por confirmar) – Instituto Brasileiro de Audiovisual: Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro
- México D.F. (Fechas por confirmar) – Central del Pueblo y Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Unidad Azcapotzalco.

Más información sobre las sedes en:


Istalaciòn video por festival FEMELEK 2011

AUTOSHAPE – investigación multimedia sobre la evolución del autoretrato.

La protagonista de Autoshape es una mujer contemporánea, cuyo cuerpo se digitaliza creando nuevas formas y figuras.
Autoshape representa un momento de reconfiguración expresiva, donde la apariencia física del artista se transforma al relacionarse con el mundo de la tecnología.
Su cuerpo desnudo y abierto es atravesado por impulsos eléctricos, atrapado en geometrías opresivas y liberado en la luz, cuando la forma (shape) finalmente coincide con el paisaje interior.

ideaciòn y realicaciòn ©TEA GUARASCIO
music – 323andmix by ORAN (Berlin)



fashion design_CAMILLA DONATI

photography, shot & editing video_©TEA GUARASCIO

fall winter ’09-’10

video realizado por IED_moda
fashion design _camilla donati
ideaciòn, produciòn y postproduciòn _TEA GUARASCIO


PUT BEAT is an audiovisual improvisation.
An audiovisual trip subtler, sensitive and in some moments very rhythmic , where images and sounds are made and created in the same real time.
An experimental performance expressions ranging from abstract to more concrete, a visual poem that fuses electronic music creating a sequence of different atmospheres and full of conceptual content

The project was born in Barcelona, gives an idea of Tea Guarascio multimedia artist who works in a while that new experimental project , in performing and visual soundscapes that represent a unique piece each performance.

Tea Guarascio aka VJTEA [ photographer & audiovisual artist ]


contact           + 34 666620514